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A prayer for Us

Hello Father

Thank You for this day

Thank You for granting me, another day, to be a recipient of Your Grace and Mercy

I come before You knowing You to be all that is, was, and ever will be

You are Alpha and Omega, God all by Yourself

I come in the name that You gave me

The name above every name, above the earth, on the earth and below the earth

The most powerful name of all, JESUS

My prayer is that Your grace and mercy be extended to the

Sinner and the Saint

The church house and the flop house

Pastor and Prophet                                                                                                                          

Pimp and the prostitute

Drug addict and drug dealer

The alcoholic and the sober

The Holy and the hungry

The homosexual and the homeless                                            

The righteous and the racist

The adulterer and the fornicator

Peacemaker and the warmonger

The poor and the rich

The carefree and the depressed

The family and the forgotten

The lonely and the lost

The hateful and the hurt

The diseased of mind and the conflicted of spirit

The well to do and the know how to do

The Muslim and the Buddhist

The Jewish and the anti-Semitic

The foolish and the fool

The believer and the unbeliever

The player and the coach

The educated and the wise

The proud and the humble

The broken and the whole

The weak and the strong

The Native American and the Veteran

The heads of all nations and the leadership of all bodies

Every first responder, and all that fail to respond

For Your mercy endures forever and Your love knows no bounds,

that in Your name Jesus, today, diseases may be healed and curses uplifted,

that families may be unified and the thirsty may be satisfied.

That all hearts may be rendered to You,

that all souls may praise You.

There is none that can do what You do, for none can see what You see.

Thank you, Lord, for your mercy today and for granting Your servant attention

May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done

On earth as it is in Heaven

Blessed be your name forever