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Above Being Under anything, but God.


Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on the earth.

Colossians 3:2



As ambassadors for the Gospel of Jesus Christ; Seeking to aid those in need, equipping them to rise above every circumstance and condition.


To foster a community of believers united for the kingdom of God, that are gospelly fortified, aids the Christian family, and uplifts the needy; that there may be no poor among us, being a church without spot or wrinkle.



Poverty is an enemy

I know…many of us think it can’t happen to us. Some believe that “homeless” is a state or island somewhere where all the bums go. We think that if we saturate ourselves with positive thoughts, work hard and put something to the side we’ll be fine, and then life happens. Life will happen to us all. Most Americans are one paycheck away from homelessness. How long could you stand being homeless? What if homelessness happened to you? The majority of us are one illness, one loss of a job, one tragedy or natural disaster away from losing it all. A divorce can render us homeless. Loss of a loved one can leave us homeless. Homelessness has no specific demographic. It can affect anyone, and its wake affects us all.

What if there was a program divinely built to combat homelessness and extinguish its threats. A system in place to help people stay housed. A program that would maintain their dignity and assist them with basic necessities while they are going through. We have a vision to do just that!


“ As I sat there weeping, I heard His voice. He said “who are you?” I was startled and couldn’t say anything. He asked me again; “who are you?”, I humbly replied, a prophet of the Most High God…RevClJr